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Our Philosophy & Approach To Healthcare

We believe in a holistic approach to healthcare.

Advanced Nurse Practitioner is defined
by statute as a registered nurse
authorized to practice in the state who,
because of specialized education and
experience, is certified to perform acts of
medical, therapeutic, or corrective
measure under regulations adopted by
the board.

Serenity Health & Wellness believes in a holistic approach to healthcare, combining a mix of both traditional and nontraditional care to achieve individually tailored results. We specialize in family practice primary care.

“I love taking care of the individuals in our community… I take pride in being a part of the patient’s healthcare team, working with them to customize their care in a way that works for them so that they are healthy and able to continue enjoying the things they love, on their terms.”

Tammy Earnest
Founder of Serenity Health & Wellness