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Clinic Update

Dear Patients,

Serenity Health & Wellness is still open and serving you! We have decided to transition to using telemed visits for the time being. Please, do NOT come to the clinic without calling ahead and being advised to. 

To contact us or schedule a telemed visit, please call Kim at 247-9355 or request a visit on our website at

At this point, we are prepared to continue providing you care, but are planning for working from home. As we transition to this, please bare with us! 

When scheduling a telemed visit, you must provide updated email address and cell number. 

We are not currently offering after hours or weekend visits. We are discussing the possibility of offering phone triage for urgent/emergent needs after hours, and will update you all with what we decide. 

I’m the meantime, the best ways to contact us are: 

Calling the clinic at 907-247-9355 or by requesting an appointment at Also, feel free to send a private Facebook message directly to the Clinic or to Tammy. 

Please feel free to contact us via phone during business hours with any questions or concerns. 

Please, DO NOT go to the emergency room for non emergent needs. If you aren’t sure what to do, contact us! We will help you decide. Please, be safe and smart. Follow closely the CDC and State of Alaska recommendations. Wash hands, clean frequently, avoid sick people. Practice social distancing If you must be out and about. Work from home if possible. 

Self quarantine if you are ill, are immunocompromised, elderly, have been exposed to the virus, have traveled recently, are a college student or vacationer just returning home. Isolate sick people in the home away from others quarantined in the home. 

There is lots of good information online. Check out the CDC at for updated information and guidance. They even have a self checker! 

We will update this page with info and changes as needed. 

Please be interactive on this site with any non-specific health and wellness questions and concerns. We will do our best to help guide, reassure and continue to provide care to you. 

Hold your loved ones close. Be calm and smart. Be safe. Know that we at Serenity are here for you. 

Tammy, Chelsea & Kim


Serenity Health & Wellness, LLC

 Serenity Health & Wellness, is a privately owned and operated primary health care practice in Ketchikan Alaska. 

Taking an individualized approach, the Nurse Practitioners at Serenity Health & Wellness believe in both traditional and non traditional care plans that better suit the patients needs.

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Serenity Health & Wellness is proud to offer established patients a way to choose a time that works around their busy lives. 


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We're excited to announce our new online payment option via PayPal!  

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*For questions regarding your bill or, to pay your bill by phone, please contact 'Rain Bird Billing' at (954) 532-5624.  You may also mail your payment directly to the office at the address listed below.